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Metro Digital Edition


The new Metro app gives you two issues every weekday, absolutely free. Get your fix of news, sport, celebrity, features and puzzles delivered automatically to your tablet or smartphone overnight. Then catch up with the day’s biggest stories, videos and hot topics with the exclusive Evening Edition.• The best news, celebrity, sport and features every weekday• Plus puzzles, games, videos and stunning HD photography • Downloads automatically to your device• New easy-to-use navigation• Responsive designThe Metro app is the perfect way to access the Metro you love on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll find the same range of news, sport, celebrity and features that Metro is famous for, absolutely free every weekday on your device.Everybody loves Metro for the morning commute, but with the new app you’ll have Metro for the journey home too with the exclusive Evening Edition, available FREE every weekday after 5pm. New features and improvements:• Get exclusive freebies and offers• View and buy items added to your wishlist• Smaller file size – so quicker to download• More news, sport, features and celebrity gossip than ever before!